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Cosmetic dentures replace missing teeth with affordable and life-like prosthetic teeth

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What are cosmetic dentures?

Dentures are the original way to replace missing teeth. They are formed using a basic plate, made of acrylic or metal which contain false teeth and are worn every day on top of your gums.

With cosmetic dentures, skilled technicians spend a lot of time making the dentures appear as realistic as possible. Cosmetic dentures may vary in colour, and the false teeth may be slightly different in size just like real teeth.

Cosmetic dentures are created especially to fit and match around your facial features.

You can choose between:

  • Complete cosmetic dentures – where the false plate contains a full set of teeth.
  • Partial cosmetic dentures – where the false plate contains a single or several prosthetic teeth to replace the gaps in your mouth.
  • We also offer implant-retained dentures – for increased stability and ease with chewing, eating, and talking.

Patients from Battersea, Wandsworth, Brixton, Stockwell, Clapham, and throughout London are choosing cosmetic dentures as an affordable and more lifelike way in which to replace missing teeth.

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How do cosmetic dentures work at The Cosmetic Dental Gallery?

At your first consultation in Battersea, we’ll talk to you about options for missing teeth, plus the types of cosmetic dentures. We’ll assess your teeth and gums and discuss your oral and general health.

Create your cosmetic dentures
Once you’re ready to go ahead, our experienced team will measure your face. These measurements will be sent to our dental lab who will create a bespoke set of cosmetic dentures for you to wear.

Fit your cosmetic dentures
Once your cosmetic dentures have been made, we will invite you back to the dental surgery in Battersea to show you how to wear and remove them. We will talk with you about how to keep your dentures and your gums clean.

It’s essential that you maintain a good oral hygiene by brushing your dentures thoroughly and regularly. You’ll need to remove your cosmetic dentures every night and soak them in an antibacterial solution to keep them clean.

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Why choose The Cosmetic Dental Gallery in Battersea for cosmetic dentures?

There are many reasons why patients from Brixton, Clapham, Wandsworth, Stockwell, Battersea and throughout London choose The Cosmetic Dental Gallery for cosmetic dentures. We offer:

A free consultation with a cosmetic dentist


Interest free finance to help you manage the cost more affordably


Flexible opening hours at the Battersea dental practice with late evening and weekend appointments available to fit in with your other commitments


A friendly professional team who will see you through the process


A state-of-the-art dental practice with a relaxing environment


Highly Recommended

Everyone at the practice are welcoming, friendly and extremely professional. The practice is equipped with new technology which ensures that you get the best treatment available. You are given multiple options and a specific treatment plan is made for you so you know what to expect. I have had a great experience here and highly recommend it.


Great experience

Great experience with Dr. Tej and the entire team! Great addition to the area which until now lacked such quality dentistry.


Best Treatment Plans & Aftercare

I recently visited the practise for my composite bonding treatment. I was very nervous for the result but Dr Tej and the staff made me feel very comfortable. Dr Tej took so much care in perfecting my smile, as if my teeth were an art piece! I am so happy with the result, I used to be afraid to show my teeth whilst smiling and now I get so many compliments for having a beautiful smile! And to add to this, Dr Tej ensured that not only did my smile look amazing, but offered me genuine advice on the best treatment plans and aftercare, as well as making sure I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort!

What are the benefits of cosmetic dentures?

Patients from Clapham, Battersea, Stockwell, Wandsworth, Brixton, and throughout London are choosing cosmetic dentures because:
Dentures are the most affordable way to replace missing teeth and cosmetic dentures ensure new teeth are incredibly natural and life-like
With cosmetic dentures you can smile with confidence as well as talk, eat and chew as usual
Cosmetic dentures will help to prevent your face from sagging and looking older which happens with missing teeth
Cosmetic dentures avoid any surgery, and the procedure is completely non-invasive


Will people know that I’m wearing cosmetic dentures?
Cosmetic dentures are designed to look completely natural and like real teeth, so people shouldn’t know that you’re wearing cosmetic dentures unless you tell them.
Does it hurt to wear cosmetic dentures?
It shouldn’t hurt to wear cosmetic dentures because they have been custom-made to fit your mouth. It may feel strange at first, getting used to wearing the plate in your mouth but this won’t take long.
How long do cosmetic dentures last?
With good care and maintenance, your cosmetic dentures can last for many years. However, the constant wear of the plate on your gums means that after about 7 years, you will need to have your cosmetic dentures replaced or re-lined.