Battersea Dentist

Fees Guide

New adult patient examination (dentist) incl. up to 4 small radiographs £95
Routine Examination (Registered) £60
0– 3 (if parent registered) £20
Routine child patient examination (3-15 years old) £50
Routine child patient examination (16-18 Years) £60
X-rays (small) £15
Panoramic X Ray £75
Emergency Appointments
New Patient Emergency appointment (including x-ray) – (Treatment at additional cost) £95
Existing Patient Emergency appointment (including x-ray) – (Treatment at additional cost) £95
Emergency appointment – Child £60
New Patient assessment/ treatment plan including scaling plus Cosmetic polish (45 mins)  £95
Airflow GBT Clean  £140
Periodontal Treatment Non- Surgical (60 mins)  £150
Fillings (Composite Resin)
Incisor/Canine From £250
Premolar From £275
Molar From £320
Children (baby teeth) From £60
Extractions(with Specialist Oral Surgeon)
Consultation  £95
Non – Surgical (Simple) From £300
Surgical (complex)  From £400
Wisdom Teeth  From £400
Children (Baby Teeth)  From £80
Root Canal Treatment (Dentist with special Interest)
Consultation  £95
Endodontic Incisor Root Canal From £600
Endodontic Premolar Root Canal  From £700
Endodontic Molar Root Canal From £800
Re- Treatment Add £100 to above prices
Endo-microsurgery From £1200
Periodontal Treatment (With Specialist Periodontist)
Consultation  £95
Deep Cleaning – Root Surface Debridement (per session) From £400
Periodontal Pocket Reduction Surgery  From £800
Gingival Gum Graft From £700
Crown Lengthening Surgery  From £700
Crown/Onlay Froom  £900
Bridge From £900
High Aesthetic Front Crown/Veneer/Bridge (per tooth)  From £1500
Direct Composite Onlay From £500
Lab Made Provisional Crown  From £200
Adhesive bridges  From £700
Porcelain Veneers From  £1000
High Aesthetic Front Veneer with specialist ceramist From £1500
Prepless Veneers (Specialist Ceramist Required) (per toooth)  From £2000
Cosmetic Bonding (Per Tooth)
Composite Veneers From £400
Composite bonding From £300
Composite Maintenance Appointment £300
Invisalign Clear Aligners
Invisalign Initial Consultation Complimentary
Invisalign Lite (up to 14 aligners) From £3500
Invisalign Comprehensive From £4500
Vivera Retainers (3 sets of retainers) £200 per arch
Fixed Retained Per Arch £250 per arch
Removable Essex Retainer £150 per arch
Fixed Metal Braces From £4000
Fixed Ceramic Braces From £4500
Fixed Lingual Braces From £6500
Dental Implants
Dental Implant Consultation £95
Surgical placement of implant £1500
Implant Crown £1300
High Aesthetic Crown (Front tooth) £1600
Implant Retained Denture – 1 arch/full mouth POA
All on 4/ All on 6 – single arch/full mouth POA
Block Graft From £700
Bone Graft From £600
Sinus Lift From £800
Immediate denture from 450 per arch
Acrylic from £850 per arch
Chrome Cobalt from £1000 per arch

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