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What is general dentistry?

General dentistry refers to the range of treatments and services that protect and maintain your oral health and hygiene.

At The Cosmetic Dental Gallery in Battersea, we believe that a preventative approach consisting of regular check-ups, professional hygiene cleans and a thorough oral care at home, is key in preventing cavities and gum disease.

We treat hundreds of patients from Battersea, Stockwell, Clapham, Brixton, Wandsworth, and throughout London for general dentistry.

What general dentistry treatments are available at The Cosmetic Dental Gallery in Battersea?

The following treatments are available at The Cosmetic Dental Gallery to maintain the health of your teeth:

If your tooth has a minor fracture or has been damaged through decay, you will need a filling to restore its shape and function. We offer the traditional amalgam fillings which are durable and inexpensive. We also offer white fillings which are made from composite material and are popular with patients from Battersea and London as they blend in with your natural teeth colour.

If you have a tooth which has greater damage such as a larger fracture or more extensive tooth decay, you may need a crown. A dental crown sits on top of the damaged tooth covering it completely to provide strength and protection.

Inlays and onlays
These are another type of dental restoration used to fix cavities which are too big to be repaired by a filling but not big enough to warrant a crown. An inlay fits between the cusps of the tooth whilst an onlay fits over one or more cusps which restores the chewing surface.

Root canal treatment

If the pulp inside of your tooth becomes infected, usually through decay or through some form of trauma, you will need root canal treatment to remove the infection and prevent it from returning. The process usually takes place over at least 2 appointments.

A dental bridge is a solution to fill a gap left from a missing tooth. A new prosthetic tooth is kept in place using crowns on either side of the missing tooth.

Extraction of a tooth may be necessary if your tooth is severely damaged or decayed and cannot be saved. A tooth may also be extracted as part of planned treatment for example with orthodontic work, dental implants or if wisdom teeth are impacted or causing problems.

Mouth cancer screening
As part of our preventative oral care, we offer a screening for mouth cancer. Mouth cancer is highly treatable if detected early. At the screening, we check your gums, cheeks and mouth for signs of cancer.

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General Dentistry in Battersea

We offer several General Dentistry treatments that will change how your teeth look.

Why choose The Cosmetic Dental Gallery in Battersea for general dentistry?

There are many reasons why patients from Clapham, Stockwell, Wandsworth, Brixton, Battersea and throughout London choose The Cosmetic Dental Gallery for general dentistry. We offer:

A free initial consultation for any type of cosmetic dental treatment


Interest free finance to help you manage the cost more affordably


Flexible opening hours at the Battersea dental practice with late evening and weekend appointments available to fit in with your other commitments


A friendly professional team who will see you through the process


A state-of-the-art dental practice with a relaxing environment


Highly Recommended

Everyone at the practice are welcoming, friendly and extremely professional. The practice is equipped with new technology which ensures that you get the best treatment available. You are given multiple options and a specific treatment plan is made for you so you know what to expect. I have had a great experience here and highly recommend it.


Great experience

Great experience with Dr. Tej and the entire team! Great addition to the area which until now lacked such quality dentistry.


Best Treatment Plans & Aftercare

I recently visited the practise for my composite bonding treatment. I was very nervous for the result but Dr Tej and the staff made me feel very comfortable. Dr Tej took so much care in perfecting my smile, as if my teeth were an art piece! I am so happy with the result, I used to be afraid to show my teeth whilst smiling and now I get so many compliments for having a beautiful smile! And to add to this, Dr Tej ensured that not only did my smile look amazing, but offered me genuine advice on the best treatment plans and aftercare, as well as making sure I didn’t experience any pain or discomfort!


Why might I need a dental crown and what is the process?
You may need a crown to protect a damaged or decayed tooth or after you’ve had root canal treatment. A crown can also be used to anchor a dental bridge. You will usually need two appointments to fit a crown. We will take impressions of your tooth to custom make your bespoke dental crown. Your tooth will be carefully shaped to fit the crown.
Which is the best filling if I have sensitive teeth?
White fillings are a good option if you have sensitive teeth as they are made of composite material. Amalgam fillings are made of metal and will therefore react by slightly contracting and expanding when you consume anything hot or cold. White fillings do not react to temperature changes.
Will I get any symptoms if I have an infection in my tooth?
You may need root canal treatment if you experience any of the following symptoms – sudden sensitivity to temperature changes, discolouration to your tooth, inflamed gums, toothache, tenderness in the gum, swelling to the cheek or jaw.

What are the benefits of general dentistry in Battersea?

Patients from Stockwell, Battersea, Wandsworth, Brixton, Clapham, and throughout London are choosing to have their general dentistry appointments at The Cosmetic Dental Gallery because:
By regularly checking your teeth and gums, we can maintain your oral health and ensure you have a healthy smile for life
Should any issues arise, they can be quickly picked up and dealt with before they develop into more complex and potentially costly problems
By taking good care of your oral health, you are also protecting your general health which is closely linked. General dentistry can help in the prevention of serious diseases such as heart disease, strokes and Alzheimer’s Disease.