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Many people feel a little bit anxious about visiting the dentist and this is natural, especially if you haven’t seen a dentist for a while or are booked in for a procedure.

Some people experience a real fear and become distressed at the thought of visiting the dentist. This is known as dental anxiety.

A dental phobia is where the patient is so frightened that they will avoid seeing the dentist completely and then miss out on vital treatment. This leads to a cycle of being too frightened to visit the dentist, missing treatment which can lead to potentially more complex problems and needing more expensive treatment.

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Some nervous patients understand why they are anxious about the dentist and these reasons may include:

  • A previously bad experience at a dentist
  • A fear of needles
  • A childhood trauma
  • The smell and sounds of a dental practice
  • Having sensitive teeth or a strong gag reflex
  • The fear of not being in control
  • The fear of pain
  • Being embarrassed about your teeth
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Many patients though have no idea why they have a dental anxiety or dental phobia.

At The Cosmetic Dental Gallery in Battersea, our highly trained staff can support you through your dental anxieties to help you conquer your fears and get the treatment that you want or need.

We have helped hundreds of patients from Battersea, Brixton, Clapham, Wandsworth, Stockwell and throughout London and we can help you too.

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Why choose The Cosmetic Dental Gallery in Battersea for nervous dental patients?


Nervous dental patients from Stockwell, Clapham, Brixton, Wandsworth, Battersea and throughout London choose The Cosmetic Dental Gallery for because:

A free chat with a dentist to talk about your dental anxieties and a tour of the dental practice in Battersea

A friendly professional team who will see you through the process

A state-of-the-art dental practice with a relaxing environment

Lots of support from an empathetic team who will always go at your pace

High Quality and Comfortable Environment

Open Communication

Always Putting Our Patients 1st



Can anyone suffer with dental anxiety?
Yes, dental anxiety can affect anyone of any age. Children may experience dental anxiety as can teenagers and adults. Dental anxiety is more common than you may think; with more than 10 million adults in the UK suffering with some form of dental anxiety.

Call us and arrange to come in first for just a chat and a visit. We find that most patients feel more nervous when they don’t know what to expect either with the dental practice or the treatment. Once we’ve met you, we can make specific recommendations. On the day of your treatment, we would advise booking a morning appointment so that you’re not waiting around all day. Bring a friend for support or a book, film or music to help distract you.

Everyone is different, but some of the most common signs of dental anxiety include – feeling physically ill when thinking about visiting the dentist, having trouble sleeping before visiting the dentist, having trouble breathing or experiencing panic attacks whilst thinking about visiting the dentist or during the dental appointment itself.